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Hi, I’m Nathan

The early days

In 2008 I started my professional career at Apple introducing the Apple Retail business to the Australian market. I quickly found myself training new employees on sales, customer service skills and company culture. This led to an opportunity at Samsung where I created a sales training program and helped onboard Samsung’s first retail sales force across Australia.


Transition to L&D and consulting

I was fortunate to join a small professional skills development firm. We grew fast and I spent most of 2014-2015 travelling back and forth between Asia and Australia building the business, speaking at conferences, managing a client portfolio and delivering training to help young professionals gain the skills they needed for the careers they wanted. What a ride.

I did a short but educational stint at the consultancy that worked with the AOC on their winning pitch for Sydney Olympic Games. It was there I was thrown in the deep end working with clients on sales and leadership strategy.

Return to tech

In 2016 I came full-circle back to the tech sector, joining LinkedIn within Customer Success. I eventually led the APAC success strategy for all enterprise SaaS products rolled out within our parent company, Microsoft. I got to go deep on sales, talent, marketing and learning strategy for more than 40,000 people across 20 countries inside of one of the largest companies in the world.

Bringing it all together

In the last few years I've found my professional sweet-spot combining these experiences working with B2B revenue teams to drive high-performance.

① I lead Sales Enablement at UpGuard, establishing a modern sales enablement function to drive sales performance and supporting our sales organisation to scale.

② I work with a small selection of clients each quarter, focusing in on one single outcome: closing more deals.


Are you a venture-backed or profitably bootstrapped founder looking to accelerate your sales? Let's talk 👇🏼 Schedule a call or email me at: nathan@nathanclark.net

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