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Be Prepared

“Working with Nathan was a fantastic experience. I came to him as my business was growing and I lacked fundamental experience in B2B sales. I like to think of it as 'selling in spite of myself'.

In our first consultation, Nathan gave me a crash course on B2B sales and some action items. It made an immediate difference. Every session thereafter has been the same.

If you're looking to up your B2B sales game, I couldn't recommend Nathan more - do it.”

— Dylan, Founder


GradConnection | SEEK

“Working with Nathan has been a real pleasure! We approached Nathan to help us set up better systems and processes to ensure our sales team continues to have the best foundation to work from. Nathan was thorough in making sure that he had the best understanding of our particular business, before making recommendations on how we can constantly fine tune our approach to sales. I would definitely recommend Nathan to any business who is looking to boost their sales approach.”

— Anthony, Client Services Director


Reward Gateway

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nathan on a development training program for our Client Success team.

Nathan designed a custom workshop program for an in-person session that was tailored to meet our requirements and addressed our focus areas, and pain points. He has the experience to connect with his audience and adjust his content delivery to ensure maximum impact and engagement from his audience. His style and training approach was like a breath of fresh air for myself and the team.”

— Natalie, Client Success Director


Sustainable Salons

“Nathan has a cool and calm personality when it come to teaching sales. I really appreciated that he had a great ability to listen to our concerns and implement workable techniques that my sales team could execute successfully.”

— Paul, Co-Founder and CEO



“Working with Nathan was an absolute pleasure. He brought a level of knowledge, experience and insights that enabled us to exceed what we set out to deliver as part of our work together and set a solid foundation for the growth of our business.”

— Seb, Co-Founder and CEO


Energy Synapse

“Nathan has an outstanding grasp of the B2B SaaS sales process. We recently launched a SaaS product and engaged Nathan to review our sales collateral, refine our sales process, and provide coaching on our active deals. After completing Nathan’s program, the difference is night and day. We are now confidently moving prospects through a well-structured sales process with minimal objections. I would recommend Nathan to any SaaS startup and especially those with technical founders.”

— Marija, Founder and CEO

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