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Revenue Enablement as a Service


Perfect for companies where the economics of a full-time enablement hire doesn’t yet add up but your team would benefit from access to a Revenue Enablement resource.

Additional Services


Founders Best Friend

Weekly calls to workshop ideas, advise, talk everything GTM and make sure you’re set for both your sales team meeting and your board meeting.


Deal Coaching

Increase deal value, accelerate deal velocity and lift your win rate. Coaching that’s 100% focused on deals that are active in your pipeline.


Sales Strategy Consulting

Something just not working with your sales motion? I’ll help identify and diagnose issues, and then recommend changes to accelerate growth.


Social Selling Mastery (Live Virtual Class)

Establish your professional brand, find the right buyers, engage with insights and create opportunities using LinkedIn.


Damn Good Discovery (Live Virtual Class)

Reps that don’t understand their prospects simply don’t turn them into customers. Let’s fix that.


Outreach Audits

Email sequences, proposals, social outreach—sometimes things just won’t convert. Turn it around fast with this fixed-scope, fixed price audit.


For consulting, advisory and coaching engagements, I take on a maximum of 3-4 clients per quarter. Live Virtual Classes are generally available most weeks.

Jan–Mar '22

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Jul–Sep ‘22

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Oct–Dec '22

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What clients have to say


Marija Petkovic

Managing Director Energy Synapse

“Nathan has an outstanding grasp of the B2B SaaS sales process. We recently launched a SaaS product and engaged Nathan to review our sales collateral, refine our sales process, and provide coaching on our active deals. After completing Nathan’s program, the difference is night and day. We are now confidently moving prospects through a well-structured sales process with minimal objections. I would recommend Nathan to any SaaS startup and especially those with technical founders.“

“I used Nathan to help my Client Success teams through a large period of change towards the back of 2019. The impact he had on the team was incredible. The level of his preparation was clear to see and his delivery was exemplary over the two days. Nathan took the time to understand exactly the challenges the team were facing and he used a combination of his own experiences and learned knowledge to help the teams find clear and constructive strategies to move forward.”


Rob Boland

COO Reward Gateway

Are you a venture-backed or profitably bootstrapped founder looking to accelerate your sales? Let's talk 👇🏼 Schedule a call or email me at:

Due to conflict-of-interest concerns I do not work with companies in cybersecurity or adjacent industries.

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